A custom tent could be your solution!

Constructing an outdoor tent venue requires careful planning and attention to detail, so here’s how it works. The process begins with selecting an appropriate location that offers ample space and is suitable for the event’s needs. We then collaborate with you to determine your objectives: the size, style, and specifications of the tent, considering factors such as capacity, weather resistance, and desired aesthetics. The construction phase involves setting up the tent structure, including the framework, flooring, and any additional features like lighting and heating/cooling systems. Our team ensures proper anchoring and stability to withstand outdoor conditions. 

We always give ample attention to creating a welcoming ambiance by incorporating decorative elements, such as drapes, lighting, and themed decor, that align with the event’s purpose and atmosphere. Finally, we conduct thorough inspections and tests to guarantee the tent’s safety and functionality before the event takes place, ensuring a memorable and successful outdoor/indoor experience for all attendees.

One of our recent tent activations was located at the Ritz Carlton property in Half Moon Bay, CA. The main event ended up not being able to allocate any ballroom space for meals and social activities. In order to address this issue, HC2 built a sizable (100 x 50 feet) clear span tent and created a custom space inclusive of lighting, upscale flooring and heat to make several diverse uses of the space a huge success. 

Another one of our clients’ recent events involved a multi-city tour requiring each activation to be produced outdoors, so constructing an elegant tent structure not only helped block our AV back of house from view, but allowed us to create a cozy, up-scale VIP area. 

So next time you’re worried about your event space, a tent could be a dynamic way to extend and/or elevate your outdoor experience! Reach out to us to find out more. 


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