HC2 Takes a Fortune 100 Company Virtual!

Having trouble figuring out how to turn your canceled event into a virtual success? Let HC2 show you how we do it!  

We converted our client’s auditorium into a virtual studio – you might be surprised by how polished such a simple transformation can look!

We took what normally was a fully attended event and turned it virtual by creating a film studio, producing high quality video and graphics to maintain the standards of our client’s in-person meeting. 

The environment was easy to control from a COVID-19 safety standpoint, and we adapted to the “new normal” by strategically including only essential personnel, tracking temperatures, staggering load-in/load-out, and enforcing masks, work-space distancing, and sanitization stations throughout the space. Meals were handled by having an attendant set and serve the team. The whole process went smoothly since it was a familiar location for Executives to reconnect. 

HC2 curated the presenter decks for the main stage presenters and breakouts, orchestrated the video shoot, handled post-production editing, and managed the look, tone, and feel, allowing us to control the quality from start to finish. 

HC2 Team members and clients worked together to adapt to the new conditions, which resulted in the production of a seamless, successful virtual event!  

Let us show you how  – call us today!

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