Have you ever considered using an LED wall for your event? Here at HC2, we love them because of their flexibility and the ability to provide a dynamic feel. Whether it is motion graphics, static imagery creating a scenic backdrop, or video – with a push of a button, we can change the entire look and feel of the space and captivate audiences with vibrant visuals and immersive experiences.

Large-scale LED video walls are a combination of advanced technology, precise engineering, and careful installation processes. These panels are designed to seamlessly connect to form a cohesive display surface. The brightness of the panels can be controlled and adjusted based on the event environment. It’s important to consider the pitch (millimeter) of your wall based on presenter and audience distance for the best visual impact.  The smaller the millimeter the higher the quality of the visual experience.

LED walls allow more flexibility than a traditionally physically built scenic. For example, HC2 recently worked with a client who needed to extend their agenda after the hotel contract was signed. We called out that their load-out time was too limited for us to dismantle the LED wall. So Instead of changing concepts, HC2 worked with the venue’s Convention Services Manager to determine whether the incoming client might like to utilize the LED wall as well. After introductions, HC2 booked the incoming client to use the same production setup (saving load-out and load-in time and dollars), and created branded digital graphics for each of the very different companies involved. Then, with the push of that button, the setup pivoted from a Tech Company’s branded look straight to an International Association’s look and feel. The LED wall solved the load-out challenge while elevating our new client’s annual event. 

There are SO many great reasons to use an LED wall, but overall, we just LOVE them and welcome you to consider one for your next event, big or small!

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