Sustainable event management considers the needs and values of every stakeholder, including organizers, participants, and local communities. It involves evaluating the environmental impact of the venue, menu, packaging, waste, décor, energy consumption, transportation, and swag and strategically substituting more environmentally responsible options.

Even small efforts reduce negative impacts, such as solid waste overall carbon footprint. It fosters positive legacies that benefit communities. Sometimes it is as simple as reaching out to local schools and organizations to repurpose, recycle, or reuse signage, displays, and decorations.

There are endless opportunities to add a green touch to any event. Participants feel good about the effort, and leave with an increased sense of awareness and loyalty. A few examples:

  • virtual and hybrid attending options
  • centralized locations that minimize travel
  • venues and hotels that already have green programs in place
  • generic without dates
  • digital
  • recyclable materials
  • digitize swag: discount codes, e-tickets
  • downloadable freebies & gift cards
  • instead of tangible gifts, donations in the winner’s or attendee’s name
  • minimizing waste by offering pre-ordering
  • organic and locally sourced options
  • digital instead of printed menus
  • biodegradable packaging
  • trash recycling
  • gift or donate decorations and leftovers

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