How exciting is this news?! After 12+ months of existing in an isolated, virtual world, we are now gearing up to transition back to live events!  

The hard turn to virtual events was disruptive, but necessary, and ultimately the experience confirmed that making events virtual-friendly will only increase in importance. However, this past year has taught us that while virtual-only events have been extremely useful, the power of face-to-face networking is unmatchable. Hybrid (a combination of in-person and virtual) events allow our clients to better engage with their audience; they are incredibly valuable in that they are capable of fostering connection, while still allowing for a new virtual-event expectation. For example, international audiences may no longer be required to attend in-person, showcasing products can be done digitally, and staff training can be accomplished effectively via webinars. We don’t believe that hybrid events can completely replace all live events, especially in situations where people typically need to mix and mingle (such as sales meetings, partner events, and tradeshows), but they are a great addition to your event tool box and provide value.  

As we transition our clients from virtual back to live and hybrid events, we have protocols set and in motion. They include rapid onsite testing, staggered load-ins, appropriate distancing for onsite show crew and audience seating, and modified food and beverage service. Things like social networking “happy hours” look a lot different these days for live audiences versus virtual, but having the right experiential strategy in place makes a difference. So make no mistake – however you bring your audience together, our ability to command and orchestrate the various nuances that influence and create lasting impressions are always intentional and thoughtful. 

For years HC2 has provided live streaming to connect live events and remote audiences. But now, with more robust technology and increased audience acceptance of virtual platforms, we can think beyond the norm by disrupting the status quo and ultimately building experiences and lasting memories that will resonate with your teams, partners, and brand. So as you begin your transition to (or back to) live events – contact us! We would be delighted to collaborate with you to create impactful and purposeful events that deliver amazing experiences – on message, every time!


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